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Dre’s Corner 2 – DRE Colombian Raw

Dre’s Corner 2 – DRE Colombian Raw
Dre’s Corner 2 – DRE Colombian Raw
🔥01. Street Cinema
🔥02. 100 Bricks f. Squeegie O
🔥03. 2 Dope Boyz f. J Marie
🌊04. That Come Up
🔥05. Style About a Kilo f. TruWerdz
🔥06. Just Venting
🔥07. Raw Mess f. Whata Mess
🌊08. Top of the Game
🆗09. Put Away Ya Crystal
🌊10. Arabian Silk
🔥11. Why
🔥12. Dirty Barz
Project is filthy. Just hood stories. Felt like it was recorded on front steps. The raps the stories, the cadences all of it worked for me minus that track 9, that was on some bad side of Redmans production choice type shit. Overall tho it was clean, it was dirty and did nothing wrong in that drug talk street stories type sense. Slightly above average in that field but one thing that I couldnt shake was the fact that this project kept feeling like it couldve really stepped it up with some fire. Dope either way. This felt type easy, I want to hear something that took an exhausting amount of effort. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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