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Blur – Anthony Kannon & Meech Booker

Blur – Anthony Kannon & Meech Booker
Blur – Anthony Kannon & Meech Booker
👍01.Tired (f. Meech Booker) [ad libs were annoying]
🌊02.IF Trees Could TLK (f. Meech Booker)
🔥03.Last Days (f. Meech Booker)
🔥04.On My Way
👎05.Goofy (f. Meech Booker)
🆗06.Stuck in My Ways (f. Meech Booker)
👍07.Break-Up (f. Meech Booker)
🔥08.Big Kannon
👎09.Heartless (f. Meech Booker)
🔥10.Mydemonswontletmelive (f. Meech Booker)
I see Meech Bookers name on the cover but not in the title and he’s on almost every track so I’m going to assume this album is by the both of them. The lyrics, production and quality were on point for majority of the records, and when they wanted to snap they definitely did. I wasn’t feeling how much auto tune was used on some tracks because it wasn’t always needed, and a couple of tracks were too generic and similar to everything else out there and those were the records that missed the target. Aside from that, it was a pretty dope project and I’ll be adding a couple of tracks to my playlist.
7.5/10 – D
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