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SoulFly – Rod Wave

SoulFly – Rod Wave
SoulFly – Rod Wave
🌊01. SoulFly
🔥02. Gone Till November
🌊03. Blame on You
👍🏾04. Don’t Forget
👍🏾05. Tombstone
👍🏾06. All I Got
🆗07. Richer f. Polo G
🌊08. Street Runner
👍🏾09. Pills & Billz
👍🏾10. How the Game Go
🆗11. Shock da World
😴12. What’s Love??
💤13. OMDB
👎🏾14. Invisible Scar
😴15. Calling
👎🏾16. Sneaky Links
💤17. Believe Me
🆗18. Moving On
😴19. Changing
After the first few songs you realize this is all you are gonna get for almost 20 tracks straight. The second that realization hit me, the songs started blending, I started looking at my phone, spinning in my chair, and wondering what I am gonna eat for breakfast next week. I wondered what Al Gore has been up to and if the Green party will ever have a chance in office. By the time I recreated my own final season for game of thrones in my head I realized I still had 10 more of the exact same song left. Its daunting. What sucks is the songs are crafted well with good quality but there is no variety, no contrast, and nothing to make me want to listen to this again. For those who will rock with it I get it, get your vibe on, but for me do something like get features, cut it in half twice or something.
4/10 – John D.
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