A Second to Reflect – DK Verano

A Second to Reflect – DK Verano


A Second to Reflect – DK Verano
?1. A.S.T.R
?2. Natural
?3. (Changing)
?4. Anxiety!
?5. Dandelion
?6. Any Given Minute
My guy straight up took a high school yearbook style photo for his cover. He probably got wallet sized cutouts and handed them out to people who aren’t going to use them. This project sounds like the Kids Of Widney High made it. If you ever wondered what Bobby Boucher sounds like on a rap record, bump that first track and you’ll know. My guy had to be wearing a paw patrol bicycle helmet, elbow and knee pads in the booth when he made this. Nah but All jokes aside, work on your cadence, work on your delivery, drop the efx because they aren’t helping and listen to lots and lots of HIP HOP. Study it. It will help you. I want to hear what you do next, but if it’s bad; trust me you will get this honest smoke. Go study!
0/10 – D


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