The Truth Hurts – Drakeo The Ruler

The Truth Hurts – Drakeo The Ruler


The Truth Hurts – Drakeo The Ruler
?01. Intro (feat. SaySoTheMac)
?02. Too Icey
?03. No Apologies (feat. Damon Elbert)
?04. It’s Sum Shit On Me
?05. 10
?06. Same Order (feat. Icewear Vezzo)
?07. Engineer Scared (feat. Krispy Life Kidd & Ketchy The Great)
?08. Chrome Hearts (feat. Pressa)
?09. RIP Deebo
?10. Not Normal (feat. Bravo The Bagcha
?11. Exclusive
?12. Dawn Toliver (feat. Don Toliver & Ketchy the Great)
?13. When Thugs Cry (feat. Snap Dogg)
?14. Pow Right In The Kisser (feat. Ketchy the Great, Remble, Money Monk & Ralfy the Plug)
?15. Tear The Club Up
?16. Talk To Me (feat. ?Drake)
First of all I want to know how much money he dropped for the Drake feature because he had to sell his soul for Drizzy to jump on this trash. From top to bottom this album is garbage. The beats are all basic west coast beats, there are no bars to be found, dude rap like he dont want to wake his mother up who’s sound asleep upstairs and don’t want to hear his garbage raps either. This was super hard to get through but now that I have I may just report him on Apple Music for hearing loss. Shoot this garbage to space this is dumbster juice.
0.1/10 – LP


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