Above The Law – QNA & Supe the Dude

Above The Law – QNA & Supe the Dude


Above The Law – QNA & Supe the Dude
?1. Above The Law
?2. Get Money
?3. Outlaw f. Roots Percussionist & Royal Khaoz
?4. Me Me Me f. Mike Larry Draw
?5. F**k’M f. Theo Croker (Song is wild)
?6. Whatchuheard
?7. Results
Project is an experience. A ride. I am a bit confused as to why its under Rock as far as genre when its more jazz but wtf is a genre anyway. This project is special, its loaded with all the sounds, the band is incredible and the front man is doing a whole lot. Its dope hes rapping, hes flowing, hes never getting lost in the band and leading a very sonic and aggressive charge. It all works, even the effects on his voice, the mix its all fucking dope, had moments of some violent jazz, some rage, even hints to some system but he never lost his swag or his sauce when the music gets wild. He highkey sound like chance the rapper but with locs and a developing beard. This project has the sound of something that can be big even headline those like roots festivals type shit. I loved it. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.


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