Ad – Alex DaAlpha

Ad – Alex DaAlpha


Ad – Alex DaAlpha
?1. Won’t Fold
?2. Real Shit f. Verse the Gemini
?3. Locked In f. Mr. Snowden
??4. Pack Shit
?5. Run That
?6. Bully f. Yung Ali
?7. Fee
?8. Won’t Fold Remix f. The Pure (Remix)
?9. Pack Shit f. Yung Ali (Remix)
Project is solid, very catchy, solid beats good melodies, new age content and all the effects and sounds but done right. This is very solid wave music, all the flash, all the industry words, very similar sounding features so unless you really know the artist it takes a second to realize who is who. Not mad at it, everyone did what they have to, and this is honestly a flex showing he can do the mainstream. Id like to see him take this to a more realistic or personal level maybe try to separate from the mold of the mainstream but either way, its not bad. Just needs a bit more flash so things don’t blend in. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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