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Unbothered – Lil Skies

Unbothered – Lil Skies

Unbothered – Lil Skies

😴01. Fade Away
👎02. Take 5
🚮03. Excite Me (👍 f. Wiz Khalifa)
🚮04. Havin My Way (f. Lil Durk)
💩05. Ok
🚛06. Dead Broke
👎07. On Sight
🚛08. Think Deep Don’t Sink
🌊09. Red Wine & Jodeci
😴10. Locked Up
👎11. Trust Nobody
👎12. Riot
🆗13. Sky High
🌊14. Mhmmm

He really rhymed nerds with turds…. I wanna know who’s in the studio with these rappers telling them their shit is dope. They’re lying to you. They aren’t your friends. Get rid of your friends. Dude would be going good for like 2 lines then end it with something weak or just straight corn flakes. At times he rambled off beat and it started annoying me because he’s clearly able to stay on beat it just seems like he doesn’t want to. A few tracks would’ve been better if he put more into it, but this project felt like it was suppose to mean something but was handled carelessly. & track 5….. nah son.
2/10 – D



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