Manifest or Die – Hajar Saint Clair

Manifest or Die – Hajar Saint Clair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Manifest or Die – Hajar Saint Clair

?01. Everything is Spiritual f. Leafman Bolique Vine
?02. Abundance Flow
?03. Thailand
??04. Manifest Racks
?05. Divine Feminine
?06. Vices and Spices
?07. Kundalini Rising
?08. Grilled Octopus
??09. Offerings (ShuMattu Music)
?10. 555 Manifest or Die

Project is for cats who do yoga. Highkey he was flashing that yogi card aggressively, like Doctor Ray DeAngelo Harris on Chakra Attack from GTA V. Its solid tho, starts very strong, the message is here, the vibe is hear and he was choosing some very laid back beats. Once you get halfway through tho it starts to fall apart. Hooks get lazy, beats get lazy and his pen falls off too a bit and he starts just saying shit. It took away from the whole alkaline vibe he was sliding with. The ending saved it, its not bad but not something you could loop entirely even if its not that long. Take half of these off and you got a very dope project. Keep them on and you got something a almost as inconsistent as how lightskin females text. In rotation tho.
7/10 – John D.



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