Hereditary – 2nd Generation Wu

Hereditary – 2nd Generation Wu

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hereditary – 2nd Generation Wu

?01. Royal Genetics
?02. Wrong Route
?03. Pxrokinesis f. Pxro
?04. Weapon X
?05. Guess Who? f. Supreme
?06. Shotgun
?07. From the Isles of Staten (hook robbed this one)
?08. Alotta Loot
?09. Express Power f. The 3rd (Singing took away from this)
?10. Blockchain
?11. Mental Stimulus f. Supreme
?12. Goldn Meathooks f. S.I.T.H, Inspectah Deck & ?Prema777 (Her Song Now)
?13. 7.O.D
?14. With This f. Zeth Mcfly, S.I.T.H. & Prema777
?15. Off the Contact f. Core Masson

Project slaps. This is the Wu Youth highkey shadow boxing with the shade of gods. I am not mad at it at all. They all showed that they are really the 2nd gen wu but also that they are they own force. All the raps, very few hooks, sometimes woke, always aggressive, absolutely stellar production, this project has a chip on its shoulder. The Quality is here, the pacing is very much here. Shit highkey made me wanna scream wu tang in someones face, but not just anyone, someone significantly older/younger than me and smaller than me. I loved it. Pacing, features, the homage, the contrast. This is how you aim for a classic release, this is that energy. Throw away those new age tracks that we all expected and you have a banger. Album slaps. In Rotation for sure. They all did they thing. NEXT TIME CLOSE STRONGER THAN THIS!
9/10 – John D.


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