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Charlie – Real Deal

Charlie – Real Deal
Charlie – Real Deal
😢01. My Name Is Charles Edward Weller
🌊02. Grant Through Richmond
🌊03. Totally out of Hand f. Sonny Bamboo & Ness Lee
🔥04. All Liquored Up f. Mj Ultra
😢05. I Hate Hospitals
🌊06. No Mercy (Justice for Charlie) f. 😴Tarra Layne
🌊07. Nervous in the Service f. DJ Underdog
👍🏾08. Made in the Shade (HOOK IS TRASH)
😴09. My Mother Was a McDonough
💤10. Rd Pops
🔥11. High as a Kite f. Diabolic
🔥12. Just to Say You Love ME f. Tarra Layne
🌊13. Wellers f. Crow
🆗14. Focus
🔥15. Forever Time f. Mj Ultra
🔥16. In My Ultimate Wisdom
🗣17. I Appreciate It 🌊
😢18. The Great Spirit
Project is solid. The message and reason for its creation is heartbreaking. The pacing as far as the stages he went through with this traumas and just regular life are solid and come through clearly for the most part. It just has some strange like aggressive dated sounded songs sprinkled in between that throws you off. When its on its storytelling real life shit tho this slaps. Features came through and did what they had too minus one weak one but she redeemed herself, some hooks were hit or miss, but there was more good than bad. Take a few off of this and its def a better release but overall its still dope, very clean and well put together. All the raps are here too. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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