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The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler

The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler
The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler
🆗01. Always on My Mind (too long)
🌊02. Drink It Up
😴03. Drop It
🔥04. So Real
🌊05. Forever Young (too long)
🌊06. Call Me
🔥07. Side Hitta f. Teanne
🔥08. Never Needed You
🌊09. Tongue Tied
🌊10. Fly Wave
🔥11. Major Without a Deal
Project is a good time. The vibes are here and man is this dude talented. He can sing his ass off. To the point where if some of the production is questionable I still was tryna hit high notes. The start was a bit strange and a few songs were a bit long but I get it. When he goes full R&B and not like Step Up soundtrack its fucking slaps but the dance tracks and shit I get too. Its dope, got the R&B content you should expect with a bold album title like that, and it hits different generations lightly. In rotation, especially for when im tryna dance battle someone and take a bite out they imaginary tshirt then throw they fucking cap in the air with Bobby Shmurda’s.
7.8/10 – John D.
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