The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler

The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler


The Future of RNB – Lanelle Tyler
?01. Always on My Mind (too long)
?02. Drink It Up
?03. Drop It
?04. So Real
?05. Forever Young (too long)
?06. Call Me
?07. Side Hitta f. Teanne
?08. Never Needed You
?09. Tongue Tied
?10. Fly Wave
?11. Major Without a Deal
Project is a good time. The vibes are here and man is this dude talented. He can sing his ass off. To the point where if some of the production is questionable I still was tryna hit high notes. The start was a bit strange and a few songs were a bit long but I get it. When he goes full R&B and not like Step Up soundtrack its fucking slaps but the dance tracks and shit I get too. Its dope, got the R&B content you should expect with a bold album title like that, and it hits different generations lightly. In rotation, especially for when im tryna dance battle someone and take a bite out they imaginary tshirt then throw they fucking cap in the air with Bobby Shmurda’s.
7.8/10 – John D.


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