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Stargazer II – Head Hunch8

Stargazer II – Head Hunch8

Stargazer II – Head Hunch8

🗑1. They Know
🚛2. Interview f. Riley Krantz
🚮3. Prada Me
💩4. Flu Game
👎5. Belong f. 🌊TMoney
😴6. Stargazing Spazzing f. Chef Corey

This project is like cheating on a test and still failing. Copied all the industry double time flows, rhyming words, summoned all the most bubble gum production he could string together and still put out this trash. This dude sounds like when you are singing in your car to someone way more talented than you and your GPS or a phone call shut the music off and you hear your voice. Imagine a whole project of your driving singing voice. This is the dark side of industry plants and clones. All done wrong. Bad production, in desperate need of engineer magic, even tho the initial mix isnt bad. Bad raps, mostly bad features and no replay value. Pass on this one.
.5/10 – John D.

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