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Drowning – JGray

Drowning – JGray

Drowning – JGray

🔥01. Valley of Decision
👍🏾02. Alone Again
🌊03. Betty White
🔥04. FYP f. Elijah Kyle
🆗05. Fix Me
🔥06. The Dungeon
🌊07. Spaz
🌊08. Centipede
😴09. Ebb & Flow
🌊10. Lonesome
🔥11. Valley of Decision (Radio Edit)
🆗12. Fix Me (Radio Edit)

Project is a good time. Its got raps, its got hooks, its got swag, humor all that good stuff. It only really falls off when it touches on the sad boy territory, the effects didnt really do it for me. Its clean tho, pacing is here and its really 10 tracks with 2 radio edits so the replay value is also here. You can tell he can rap, and knows the type of quality music he wants to put out. It might be too clean, It hits all the marks of something you could hear on the radio but I got nothing personal from it. In rotation tho.
7/10 – John D.



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