Snakes and Birds – Deca

Snakes and Birds – Deca

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Snakes and Birds – Deca

?01. Morning (Intro)
?02. False Light
?03. Clay Pigeons
?04. All in a Dream
?05. Midnight (Interlude)
?06. High Wire f. Ciggy
?07. Elegy (Interlude)
?08. Home Base f. Eligh
?09. Curiousity Shop
?10. Bedrock
?11. Way Station (Interlude) f. Dj Stan Solo
?12. Snakes and Birds

Project was an absolute treat. Every beat, every skit and every rap fucking hit. Dude has a dope voice, dope delivery, and some dope content. Highkey sounds like a slowed down less dictionary Aesop Rock no disrespect. The features hit, the pacing hit, from the strong intro to the just as strong closing title track. This was put together flawlessly. I honestly couldnt stop running stuff back. Its not that long so you can loop it but it feels complete. There isnt a part of this that I didnt absolutely fuck with. In heavy rotation, this is an instant classic.
10/10 – John D.



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