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Bite the Bullet – Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood & Futurewave

Bite the Bullet – Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood & Futurewave

🔥01. Floor Shot
🔥02. Keep Your Mind
🚒03. Portable Stoves f. 36th Cypher
🔥04. Fried Eggs f. Kardinal Offishall
🔥05. Old Saloon
🔥06. Lap Dances
🔥07. Car Inspections f. Mooch & Rob Gates
🔥08. Sokoudjou
🚒09. Stromile Swift
🌊10. Heightened Senses
🔥11. Hands Free f. Rome Streetz
🚒12. Bite the Bullet f. Saipher Soze

Project bang. Its as simple as this. The beats are top tier fire. Then you have 2 Top tier rappers trying to kill eachother on these beats. The contrast is heavy. Then you add in top tier features. Project is top tier. Its pacing is dope, its short, its bar heavy and straight to the point. I can loop this all day with no problem, outside of the problems I may cause by bumping this instant hostility. Its a very good time, do not miss out on this one. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.



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