Just the Tip – Lil Nut

Just the Tip – Lil Nut

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? 1.Weather Forecast (Intro)
? 2.Just the Tip f. Lil Scampi
? 3.The Creamery f. Big Friction
? 4.Double Bogey
? 5.Woo Wednesday
? 6.Bop It
? 7.Cartinese Interlude f. Big Friction
? 8.Thicc Ass Boi f. Lil Scampi
? 9.Loan for My Car f. Nzone
? 10.Coconut Sized Balls
? 11.S.A.D. f. Lil Scampi (Bonus Track)

How do I even properly rate this? Almost this entire project is a parody, and none of the artists really take themselves seriously. When track 9 played and it seemed a little more like a regular track that’s when the defects showed the most. Bottom line though, this project is a good time. It’s almost an entire project of insecure “my dick” songs and it made me laugh on almost every track so it did it’s job. Don’t take it seriously, just bump it for the laughs and you won’t be disappointed.
5/10 – D



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