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Hockey Masks & Body Shots – Mr. Juse

Hockey Masks & Body Shots – Mr. Juse

Hockey Masks & Body Shots – Mr. Juse

😴01. Hockey Mask
🌊02. Switchin Lanes f. D-Boy P. Chase
🌊03. Chance Meeting
👎🏾04. Body Shots
🔥05. All Alone
🔥06. Up Close
😴07. Bad Vibes f. Baby Face Monii
🔥08. Easy
🌊09. Rabid f. YDMC
🔥10. Whatever You Bring f. Denero
👍🏾11. Power
🌊12. Jumper f. MadMan
🌊13. Oh Shit f. MAQ STEEZ
🔥14. Carry Me Home
🌊15. For the Ladies

Project is a good time. Bad out the way when he takes some new age kinda trap risks it falls a bit flat and doesnt come off too comfortable. But when it shines it slides and thats when it hits that old school rap note or that west coast chill type vibe. Those are his bags for sure. The raps are here they are fun, the hooks are hit or miss the features for the most part did they thing and the production was solid overall. Nice pacing, but this project is mostly just someone who loves women and raps. Its a good time, take out the few duds and you have some great replay value. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.

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