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Hungry Humble Heartless EP – C-Rain

Hungry Humble Heartless EP – C-Rain

🌊1. Juice
👍🏾2. Back Down f. Lil Bando
🌊3. Just in Case f. Markaveli
🌊4. Hol’ Up f. Lil Bando
🆗5. Stone Cold
🌊6. Classic f. Markaveli

Project is solid. Its honestly one thing and done decent enough to not be drawn out. Its dude with an evil villain voice, rapping in double time to trap beats with his friends. 6 reiterations of that. I cant even be mad because its all done at a level of being bearable, nothing original or game changing but solid enough that I didnt hate it and I wouldnt mind if it was on in the background of most situations. Straight to the point, I cant even dive deep into it because reading my description is giving you the 6 songs in a sentence. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.

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