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Heartless King EP – Lil Bando

Heartless King EP – Lil Bando

Heartless King EP – Lil Bando

💤1. Goofy’s Dead f. C-Rain
😴2. Heartless
👍🏾3. King of Kings
😴4. Skirmish f. Ty Havin’
🆗5. Kovu f. Markaveli
👍🏾6. Throne

Project is boring. Everything on it was average, the production the raps, the features. Nothing really stood out, or showed me hunger. It sounded like this couldve literally been cooked up in one night from some cats who were just bored and know they could do it. No real substance, passion, or heart showed on this and if any of those were part of the process im not sure if it was enough. If I played this at a party people would leave, even if I had food and drinks, or if this was on in someones car, I would violate the Rush Hour rule and touch they radio.
2/10 – John D.


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