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The Fragile Ego – Craig G

The Fragile Ego – Craig G

The Fragile Ego – Craig G

🚒 1.Away From Me
🚒 2.Limelight
🔥 3.Narcissist Theme Song
🔥 4.The Fragile Ego (ft. Masta Ace)
🚒 5.It’s a Draw (Nobody Wins)
🔥 6.Dear Daddy
🔥 7.My Bad

In a time where kids call “old school hip hop” played out, they all continue to do the exact same style and sound. That made “old school” a fresh new sound again, because barely anybody does it & executes it properly. This project was an example of executing it properly. The production was incredible. The lyrics, quality & delivery were sharp. Craig G went off on every track and it left me wanting to hear more even though I still felt satisfied with the 7 tracks. On repeat.
9/10 – Rønin


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