Ceaser Borgia – The Bad Seed

Ceaser Borgia – The Bad Seed

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?01. That Aint Jesus (Intro)
?02. Bullets in the Pulpit
?03. Ka$H
?05. Blue Nose
?06. Whitty Hutton f. Honey Dinero
?07. 456 f. Kil Ripkin, Agallah Da Don & NapsNdreds
?08. Will & Jada
?09. Lie
?10. Bael’s Son (Outro)

Raps. All of them. Every single rap. The best way to describe this project front to back is like being hit by an endless flurry from a boxer with fast and heavy hands. Every direction. Terrible training prep. It never lets up, hooks are here too but they dont matter when next to the assault of punchlines from woke, to real, to just clever stink face bars its relentless. Features join in on the punches too so imagine getting jumped by all these hands. This is that. Production is just steady body shots. Kidney shots. Project is in rotation easily.
9/10 – John D.


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