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Precious Stones – J57 & Shabaam Sahdeeq

Precious Stones – J57 & Shabaam Sahdeeq

🗣01. Precious Stones (Intro)
🌊02. Diamond in the Dirt
🔥03. Passport in Order
🚒04. Put You Up on Game f. Planet Asia & Casual
👍🏾05. Feel So Good f. 🆗Cordz Cordero
🔥06. Razor Sharp Vernacular f. Born Unique & Tri State
🔥07. Strange Land
🔥08. Who Do You Think You Are f. Indigo Phoenyx, AG Lyons & Leo Davincci
🔥09. Can I Talk to You f. Akie Bermiss
🔥10. SS & J57 Vs Everybody
🚒11. Smoke Screens f. Rim Da Villain & Nems
🚒12. Steady Pace
🔥13. Man Down f. J Hood & Dv Alias Khryst
🚒14. Bar Etiquette f. Ras Kass & El Gant
🌊15. Protect Your Inner G
🌊16. Acid Rain f. El Da Sensei

Project slaps. It has all of the raps, production and features that you could need. Everyone came with it for the most part, I can even say they blacked out. I can especially say that for SS, he was out here fucking losing his mind. Not even on some this is easy type raps, he was on some I am offended that people arent putting respek on my name so I am here to do damage. He did all of that. It all works, even tho the project is a bit long it makes sense and never really overstayed its welcome. Fire release.
9/10 – John D.



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