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The Reaper – Sasquatch Josh

The Reaper – Sasquatch Josh

👍 1.Hunt For Blood
🌊 2.Lyrical Karate
🆗 3.Chameleons
🆗 4.Ride With Me [hook 🚮]
🚮 5.Crack Head B!tch
👎 6.Love/Hate (ft. Trainwrecck)
😴 7.Take Her Soul
👎 8.Monster Inside
👍 9.Angel of Pain
The dude had good melodies and a great beat selection. The quality was great and the lyrics were good too, but his voice and flow were killing me. He would rap fast but wouldn’t pronounce everything clearly. There were many times that he stumbled his words and blended them which made some words hard to catch and that’s enough to easily ruin a song. When he would yell on hooks it sounded like he was trying too hard. It didn’t sound authentic. The recipe was good, but it just wasn’t cooked properly.
4/10 – Rønin



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