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Cuz It Bangz 5 – D.Cure

Cuz It Bangz 5 – D.Cure

Cuz It Bangz 5 – D.Cure

🌊01. Everything’s Must Go (ft MCRE)
🌊02. Hideout (ft Sankofa & B.Moore)
🔥03. Foreigner (ft Hardy Legnd & Lou Slugga)
🔥04. D.Cure & Associates (ft MC ULTIMATE)
🔥05. I Know (ft Dirty Needles)
🔥06. Half Asleep (ft Think 2wice & The Marine Rapper)
🌊07. Well done (ft Topher)
🌊08. The Haunting of Sedgwick Ave (ft Lil Dee & The Marine Rapper)
🚒09. It Was Told (ft Chuck Brown & Ekspan)
🔥10. Shoes 2 Fill (ft MCRE & I.V.)

Projects dope everything sounds clean features all Did their thing. The first few tracks kinda give off a nostalgic vibe and have some old school flavors. Lyricism is top notch but we get a little flashier in the middle and back to more topical towards the end of the project although relevant bars abound. If I had one complaint I’d say to many tracks with singing hooks that all sound the same. Other then that this is a solid release that will get some spins outta me for sure



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