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#Szn3 – Magic Mally Mall

#Szn3 – Magic Mally Mall

#Szn3 – Magic Mally Mall

💿01. Intro 1999
🌊02. Tetris
👍🏾03. Glamorous
🆗04. Tooth Fairy
👍🏾05. Smashing f. 🌊the pure
👍🏾06. Cantaloupe
🆗07. Cash Flow (Interlude) f. 👍🏾Noelle
👍🏾08. Bff
😤09. S4l (Interlude)
🚮10. Savage4life
👍🏾11. Unapologetic
🔥12. Pounds f. Ayo Haiti
🆗13. Defense
👎🏾14. Opportunity
🌊15. Karma

Gonna get this out of the way first, project has all the high quality aspects of something that will hit in this generation of mainstream for sure, production, quality flows content all of it. That being said this isnt really what I can say I enjoy but I can acknowledge its not bad. The one thing that took this a bit lower than good for me was on pretty much every song there is always a point where the effects are just violently overdone. It gave me headache, because sometimes it was sounding cool and then bam the sounds of Alvin, Simon and Theodore rip your ears apart. Features were solid, and it has a clean pace, it just will tread the line between cool and annoying often.
5/10 – John D.


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