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memorias passadas – Django Emani

memorias passadas – Django Emani

memorias passadas – Django Emani

🚛1. arizona dirt aroma.
🚮2. daft punk, buds in.
💤3. bridlewood greens.
🗑4. curly gold rings.

So lets get the good out the way. Now that the good is out of the way, this project was ass. Off rip you will be assaulted with noise. Most of the beats consist of just copying and pasting unmixed sounds (1 being beautiful and the rest being noise) together but with the bar count of math metal, then you have him just mope rapping all silently as if it makes it edgy or even cool. You can barely hear him half the time too so I couldnt even make that assessment. When you do hear him, the raps are pretty much like the beats, just shit strung together. For a short project I hated every second of this. It had so much going that I couldnt even hear potential. This what happens when suburbans get yelled at once by they parents so they use they allowance money to buy studio equipment.
0/10 – John D.

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