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Young Kennedy – Kenny Shane

Young Kennedy – Kenny Shane

Young Kennedy – Kenny Shane

🌊01. Grateful
🌊02. Pro-Log
📽03. Warm Welcome
🔥04. Young Kennedy, Pt. 2
🔥05. Television f. Mick Jenkins
🔥06. No Time for Conspiracies
🔥07. Monday Morning
🌊08. Fortunate
🌊09. No Wardrobe
🌊10. Human Ingenuity
🌊11. New Frontier
🗣12. Interlude
🌊13. Gratitude
🔥14. Soul Food f. Joe Dajour
🔥15. For the Truthers

This dude can rap. Beginning to end he is giving you his all. There isnt a part of this that didnt feel like it was worked on with care, with precision, with passion and with pure love. The production was dope, the clips, his lil goofty but genuine after song talk moments, the theme the pacing, literally everything. It all worked, his explanation of it made it that much better. The features blended into his passion project perfectly. It all worked, strong start, great middle, powerful ending. I was here for this entirely, the vibes, the raps, the hooks,and the message the politics and all. This is absolutely in rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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