No Pressure – Logic

No Pressure – Logic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Pressure – Logic

?1.No Pressure (Intro)
?2.Hit My Line
??5.Open Mic\\Aquarius lll
?6.Soul Food ll
? i is
?10.5 Hooks
??11.Dark Place
?13.Heard Em Say
??15.Obediently Yours

Album Logic has historically been hit and miss. I’d put this one above his last but this was still highly underwhelming for what is supposed to be his “last”. He’s preaching the same mental health messages that he beat to death back in the 1-800 days. Too many Kanye references, it’s not unique all the artists claiming him to be their idol got corny back in 2015. He brought back most of the same samples he’s always used as well, which brought a bit of nostalgia involved from the projects of his that I used to bump heavily. This one just didn’t hit that same mark. Overall it was just very boring. He’s high key just making music for twitch gamers these days. I’m cool on it.
4/10 -Frank


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