Black Suburban Music – Trizz

Black Suburban Music – Trizz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Black Suburban Music – Trizz

?1.Best Kept (ft. Kokane)
?2.Outta Pocket
?3.Ain’t Broke (ft. Roc$tedy)
?4.Call This N***a Slink Back (Interlude)
?5.Up All Night
?6.F**k This N***a Talkin’ Bout?
?7.Did Up
?8.Alotta Nerve
?9.Think Twice (ft. Knoc-Turn’al)
?10.Come Get Me from the Train (Interlude)
?11.Nothin’ to Lose (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & X-Raided)
?12.Wits End
?13.Solo (ft. Cal-E-Clipz)

This was a fun project. A lot of wavy tracks with that West Coast bump. Some tracks had more of a new school vibe and that’s where I wasn’t super crazy about it, but then it followed up with a heavier track where dude showed his lyrical ability. He waited until the end to really go off, and that’s when the project really got good. I wish he would’ve had more tracks like that, and I’d love to hear an EP of tracks like that by him, but I’m not mad at this project. It still slaps where and when it needs to.
7/10 – D1C3


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