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Sincere Leader, Pt. 2 – Xp The Marxman

Sincere Leader, Pt. 2 – Xp The Marxman

🌊01. Sink or Swim
🌊02. Casa Malca
🔥03. Riveria Chum
🌊04. Santanas Cubavera
🔥05. Toys for Tots
🌊06. Bruja
🔥07. Bullet Train f. Ren Thomas & Supreme Cerebral
🌊08. Evolution
🌊09. Wu-Babies
🔥10. Already f. Daniel Son
🌊11. Final Hour f. Thrash Thorn

Project slides. All the raps that you need. The features all did what they had to do too. All the production was smooth and the pacing was very straight to the point. The content was just raps after raps after raps, hooks were ok nothing like catchy or worth mentioning. My one issue is tho this was an easy listen, I needed at least 1 absolute banger. I was bumping for sure but I did not hit the stink face at all and this felt like something that should have given me that at least once. Overall its a good time and clean, the quality was cool nothing took me out of it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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