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Barnacles – SahBabii

Barnacles – SahBabii

Barnacles – SahBabii

🚮01. Barnacles
💤02. Ready to Eat
👎🏾03. Giraffes & Elephants
🗑04. Racist
🚮05. Pregnant
🚛06. 100 Round Drum
🗑07. Poppin Shit
🚮08. Double Dick
💩09. Purple Umbrella
🗑10. House Party f. T3
🚛11. Trapezoid
🗑12. Geico
👍🏾13. Tongue Demon
🚮14. Soulja Slim
💤15. 711
😴16. Hey Mr. (Hook is a fact for the industry)

If a lightskin cat made an album based off all the sounds his girl thinks are cute on facetime, this is it. Project is dogshit. No substance, terrible bars, mostly funny bars because of how bad they are and decent but cookie cutter production. It has an array of whimpers, mumbles and like noises females make to baby animals. None of this worked. Project is highkey super soft too, like if butterfly kisses made noises. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this one. The first track will sum it up, he learned a new word and decided to make a song so he can say it as much as possible. Lets keep this one in the sea.
.5/10 – John D.


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