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Sprng – Illmac

Sprng – Illmac

Sprng – Illmac

🌊01. High School Dropout
🌊02. Ghostedem
🔥03. Yoda
🔥04. Cakewalk f. B Dot & Trackstar the DJ
🌊05. Marble Statues f. Baby Franco
🔥06. Sangria Sunsets
🌊07. Dim My Light
🔥08. Falling Out f. Adam Flowers
🔥09. Motion Blur f. Little Warrior
🔥10. Be Better
🚒11. Gardettos in Velour Sweats
🚒12. Lak Sa

Project is an entire vibe. This is a very good time feeling project front to back. The production is clouds. Then on top of that you have fire raps, deep content, smooth flows, and even the features showed up. It all makes sense, and honestly with all the mixed actual emotions I felt, the overall feeling it gave me was just relaxed. Passion project for sure. This is easily one of my favorite projects this year off first listen. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.

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