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The Utopian Hypnosis EP – Blaque Alex

The Utopian Hypnosis EP – Blaque Alex

🆗1. Father, Father
👍🏾2. White Black Boy
👍🏾/🌊3. Sasha Grey
👍🏾4. American Made
🌊5. Gods Up High
👍🏾6. Dreams and Ideas

Project hit kinda strange. He was saying things that I rocked with but the way it was delivered, mixed with the very weird beats just didnt move me. He can rap and sing too a lil but the delivery lacked variety so when the beat goes from smooth jazz to modern day VR rhythm game it just didnt feel ok. He was highkey barking at me on some “WHO WILL SURVIVE IN AMERICA” type delivery. Had some messages too some I highkey have questions about and some just werent fully completed. The potential was here it just was drowned by so much other stuff. Super clean mix. I didnt hate it but I cant say I would run it back either.
5/10 – John D.

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