Street Fanci 3 – Tafia

Street Fanci 3 – Tafia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Street Fanci 3 – Tafia

?3.Uber Me
?4.Ran Thru
?5.Miami Szn
?6.Proof of That
?8.Just Sayin
?9.Jump In
?10.Daddy A Bitch
?11.Say What You Want Pt. 2

So the album started out kinda promising, the production was clean, mixed very well, the lyrics were not great but not bad, I was vibing with it. But then I got past the first 2 tracks & you totally lost me. It sounds too much like a mimic of what people call “real” rap, just poorly executed. I wouldn’t completely discredit the guy because he does show promise, as long as you go into your own lane with the sound you’re going for. Also, don’t do auto tune, shits corny & over done at this point.
3/10 – Shunned


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