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Spring – The Truth

Spring – The Truth

The Truth – Spring

🔥01. Intro Spring Cleaning
🔥02. Ride Out
🌊03. OMW (ft 🆗Migs)
🔥04. I Know I Can (ft Frank 😎
🌊05. Lost In Fire ( ft Leitao)
🌊06. Staten’s Frontline 2 ( ft Staypuff & Rage)
🔥07. The King Outro

This is a dope listen nice clean, short and straight to the point. Dude can rap he’s got some clever bars but he’s got a little substance so it’s not just stacking nonsense punchlines. Production is nice beats are fire everyone sounds pretty clear. Features were straight everyone did their thing but no one stole the show. This was a good time and I’ll def be spinning it again.
7.5/10 -JW



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