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Cult Baby EP – Scott Damage

Cult Baby EP – Scott Damage

Cult Baby EP – Scott Damage

👍🏾1. Room
😴2. She Say
🚛3. Favorite Plug
🌊4. Margins
👎🏾5. Break That Glass

Project is wild strange. I had to listen to it again to make sure I hated it because its very different. The beats are strange, got so much going on. He is doing the same, doing way too much. Few of these hooks were so bad, and he out here beating the shit out of you with them. Especially favorite plug. Whats wild is homie sounds like that middle age white dude who always had a cookout pass but still has a good job during the day making music like this. He can rap a lil too and got this strange flow but all put together it didnt work out. If he find something that works with his style, and strays from the wave, he could do something. Till then this one im gonna try to forget.
4/10 – John D.


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