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Easter Risen from the Tomb – Easter Jigga

Easter Risen from the Tomb – Easter Jigga

💩1. Risen
💩2. Habits
💩3. Respect
💩4. Bandz
💩5. Moment of Silence
💩6. Black SuperMan
💩7. Keep It Lit
💩8. Juice
💩9. She Love the D
💩10. Tour
💩11. Yes InDeed
💩12. Win

If I had to listen to “Don’t Come Out The House” by Metro Boomin and 21 Savage for 2 hours straight, I would. Im not sure if this mans is meme rapping or not but the use of autotune is horrible. The beats are trash and so is this mans predictable ass rhyming. If you’re slanging dope to pay for this rap shit put that money back into dope cause this ain’t it chief.
💩/10 – Drake K.


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