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Bar Therepy EP – Jdiezmc

Bar Therepy EP – Jdiezmc

🔥01. Duality
👍02. Pitfalls
🆗03. School Nights On Old National
🆗04. Freaknik
👍05. Abuse
🌊06. Her Vs Me ft Sherrell Writes
🆗07. Sanctuary
Projects straight he can flow a lil but his delivery was bugging me it was like he was doing that fake yell voice actors do during action scenes. That’s really my only critique against him specifically he can string some bars together and actually had some substance but most of the beat choices were awful. The last track has these wild ass pan flutes at the end and I just don’t feel the beats meshed well with the subject matter at all so I’m pretty Luke warm on this.
5/10 – JW


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