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It Cost to Live like This, Pt. 2 – Ambjaay

It Cost to Live like This, Pt. 2 – Ambjaay

🚮1. RNP
🌊2. Blow the Pickle f. Wiz Khalifa
👎🏾3. City Girls
💩4. Salsa
🔥5. Badaboom
🗑6. Hibachi (This beat is out of control)
😴7. Dangerous
🚮8. Uno

Highkey this project had me laughing. The hook on track 3 is jokes. Honestly every song had something in it i laughed at whether it was the hook or just some wild ass lines he would say. Entire project is out of control. Tho his content is very typical in this age, there is no doubt in my mind that he is actually about this life. He sounds very unstable, and I highkey would be cool with him. Hes just yelling, hes type rapping, on some very crazy like crunk beats. I am also not mad at his hook game because hes attacking them, they just arent that good, just funny. Gonna chalk this up to I know this isnt good but something deep down inside of me liked some of it, or at least where his head was at. I cant say its good but I do think people should listen to this at least once.
3/10 – John D.


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