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Ohio Boy 4ever – John Virgo

Ohio Boy 4ever – John Virgo

👍🏼1.Dont Waste My time (beat was 🔥)
🆗3.Come Thru
👎🏼4.Cook It Up
🆗5.Kings N Queens
👎🏼6.Thot Talk ft. Swendal 👍🏼
👍🏼8.Soul Food
🚮9.When I Die

Dude has a Weak voice, high key sounds like a female. Whole thing feels like a Lil Pump rip off . If he wasn’t backed by fire instrumentals I would hate all of this. Production is top notch. He od’ed on the megaphone effect. Almost all the hooks were generic and recycled. This project is for white kids who think they have a cookout pass but get jumped for saying the N word when they’re mad. Hard pass.
3/10 -Frank


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