Thug Life – Slim Thug

Thug Life – Slim Thug

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?01. No Lie
?02. THUG LIFE (Life is Crazy)
?03. Make It Right f. Z-Ro
?04. This World
?05. Paradise f. ??Yung Al
?06. Both Eyes Open f. Z-Ro & Scarface
??07. Vet
?08. Standing Alone
?09. Won’t Be Long (Apart) f. Le$ Mug
?10. My Shoes

Project is a good time. This is the type of project every vet should be putting out. No bullshit fast rap, no trying to keep up with the kids, no trying risky weird stuff just to do it, and no clout features for clout. This is comfortable, straight to the point music. Storytelling, features from home that make a difference, homage to classics and other legends. This has straight to point raps, that may be simple but carry weight, this has very dope hand picked production (I can just tell), dope samples, dope switchups between hip hop sub genres without him not being himself. It all worked. Project had 1 throwaway on it, other than that it all made sense. Heavy rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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