Mind Over Matter – Paul Wall

Mind Over Matter – Paul Wall

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?01. Get Mine Forever
??02. Work the Wheel
?03. Goin Live
?04. I Am Him (hook ruined this one)
??05. Tho’d in the Game
?06. Psilocybin Vibin
?07. Year of the Pint
?08. Never Eva Fallin Off
?09. Prices Goin Up
??10. Monetary Exchange
?11. Another One f. Pure
?12. Red Stripe
?13. Too Turnt to Make a Store Run

Project is highkey ass. I know we like to keep our reviews based on the project at hand but you really dropped this after that heat with Statik Selektah? This is like a compilation of throwaways that all his yes men said was hits. The beats were strange, IDK WTF he was doing on them, theres no direction, just him desperately trying to convince you hes not going anywhere and by the end of it, you desperately want him to go away. Its wack, if I was high, I wouldve been pissed but since I listened to this sober, im pissed. We gonna take this project and put it right next to the coronavirus in our leave in 2020 folder.
2/10 – John D.


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