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State of Emergency – Money Man

State of Emergency – Money Man

🌊1.2 Milly
👍🏼2.Fall Today
👍🏼3.On The Go
🚮5.Doubted Me
🆗6.Jumping Back
🌊7.You See It
🆗8.Beat the Odds
👎🏼9.Above Average
🌊10.Ran Outta Wind
👍🏼11.Goin Hard
🌊12.My Address

“Imma put dick in her stomach like a tape worm”
“Call me Harambe you know I be apein”
All jokes aside this had a clean sound. Nice Production as well. Dude can flow honestly. I love the acoustic type beats. I’m starting to realize that if I read along with the lyrics I don’t hate the product as much. This is a heavy dose of new age no question, however it’s one of the more tolerable versions. I found myself nodding to most of it. If this is the type of sound that makes the radio I’m not mad at it.
5.5/10 -Frank

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