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Virtual World EP – TyFontaine

Virtual World EP – TyFontaine

Virtual World EP – TyFontaine

🚮1. virtual world
👎🏾2. crazy crazy
🚛3. txt f. 10k.Caash
🗑4. friendemy
🚮5. tragic

This project is fucking trash. This shit sound like Jumping Flash for PS1 music (if you know you know). Not only is he part of the squishy noises high pitched singing brigade, the beats might have topped him on that bubblegum bullshit. Kidz bop trap, disney trap, might even be a predator trap. Cant trust music like this. This music for cats that are glad its acceptable to wear pink but are still afraid to come out the closet to friends and family. Listening to this was like ordering a 4 piece nugget, getting 5 but realizing its still frozen. Throw this out.
0/10 – John D.

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