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Vanity – Jarl Far

Vanity – Jarl Far

Vanity-Jarl Far
🎥01. Before the Revolution (vol 1)
🔥02. Check Yoself!
👍03. GotDam
👍04. Cruising’
🔥05. Home Cooked
👍06. Run
🌊07. Rush
🔥08. Materialistic
🔥09. Mindset
🌊10. Shine
👍11. Slave

Project is country as fuck if you cant understand a little bit of country grammar you may not fuck with This but it’s not so much that the general public can’t vibe with it. Beats is straight mixing all sounds pretty good my biggest critique would probably be some of the choruses were kinda weak otherwise a decent project.
7/10 – JW

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