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Young Godfather – Young Chop

Young Godfather – Young Chop

🌊1. $25 Hunna
🚮2. Need That Bag ft. Calboy🚮
😴3. Jumpin Out The Window
😴4. Ran Through It
🚮5. Hood Baby
😴6. Can’t Let You Go
🚮7. All the Bitches
🚮8. On Way
👎🏼9. Gave My Heart

“I’m drippin blood on niggas like a tampon.” About sums up this project. It’s jam packed with generic bars and an overdose of auto tune. Absolutely none of it stands out opposed to the other new age garbage out there. He’s rapping for cats who ask you to spot them a dollar for swishers. No thanks. Next.
1/10 -Frank

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