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Roomates – Henry AZ

Roomates – Henry AZ

Roomates – Henry AZ

🔥1. Pistol Packin’ (ft. Freddie Gibbs🔥)
🌊2. Not Alone (ft. Moxas🌊)
🌊3. Kicked Back (ft.Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J🌊)
🌊4. No Rainchecks (ft. Emma G🔥)
🆗️5. Party in Here (ft. Famous Dex🚮)
👍🏼6. Direction [Remix] (ft. Unknown🆗️ & Sirah🌊)

This is your ideal roommate. He’s provides protection, he likes to kick back, he doesn’t put shit to the side, and he has some dope friends. But you don’t like the parties he’s trying to throw, and he lacks direction. All together you like him enough to ignore the last 2 critiques.
7.5/10 – Drake K.

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