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Sessions – G Herbo

Sessions – G Herbo

Sessions – G Herbo

🆗01. Summer is Cancelled (beat is gas)
👎🏾02. Can’t Sleep
🚮03. Hunnit Bands
💤04. My Bro’s a Legend
😴05. Remember
🆗06. Sessions
💩07. That boy
💤08. What I Did
👎🏾09. I want It

Project is a damn shame. Every beat on here is no less than heat. Every rap on here is no higher than trash. He leveled up from rapping off beat, to being on beat but rapping too fast for the beat. His bars never end in the right pocket but he learned how to start so progress. Hes not talking about anything new, he mentions a few real people but everything sounds like typical I want to be a street rapper shit, so if its real to him then boohoo nigga thats the consensus for living in the streets. He ruined every beat on here even the ones that were super fire that gave him an OK. If you tryna listen to an album made by the kid who most likely used to cry on his desk in school when teachers yelled at him, this one is for you.
1/10 – John D.

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