Back II Basics – ATN Prime & Millroc

Back II Basics – ATN Prime & Millroc

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?01. It’s About
?02. 2 Dope Boyz
?03. Back II Basics
?04. Barz II
?05. Next Level
?06. The Good Guys
?07. About That
?08. But Still I
?09. Once Upon a Time (Remix)
?10. We Do
?11. Take a Step
?12. When We Met

Project slidesssssssssss. Every beat is fantastic. The raps all comfortably blanket these fire beats. It all works. Quality is here, pacing is here, content is here for sure. I loved it. This project was made with love, care and chemistry for sure. Its 12 tracks but honestly its a very re-playable 40 minutes. I had to stop myself from running tracks back for the review. This project is very solid, on some this is about as quality as you can get being part of the under underground. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John d.


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